according to the position and climate of any country , the crisis of water and especially drinking water has become the biggest concern of authorities these years.
In this regard, 2 items are very important :

1-making new cultures to use water correctly.

2-using watersaving products.

There are the best and the most update watersaving products in our company that are different from other similar models in the world!
These products has been used in more than 24 countries recently and are called one touch taps.
Now these watersaving equipments are very valid by getting international approvals from Europe , America , Japan, China &… .
Our products are different from the other watersaving equipments because of having unique properties such as:
saving water about 30-87 percent, ability to regulate the flow of water, usable in areas with high water hardness, easy to install , preventing the transmission of pathogens, suitable price , usable in areas with low water pressure , being touch &… .